December 13, 14, and 15, 2019  
A three day, 12 ring Traditional Back to Back Cat Show

Closing Date:  NOTE THIS DATE!  December 6, 2019 Midnight

Important Contact

Entry Clerk: Sandy Hale:

Show Managers/Sponsor Information:   Kay Hanvey and Tom Craig  

Kay’s number:  (360) 456-8949  Nite owl calls are O.K., messages will be answered.

Enter EARLY and enter often!  Our entry clerk is remote – so we need to be able to put the package together not at the last minute.  Also we are not limited by the show rules on how many cats can be in the show – but this is a small hall and we don’t have a lot of space.  Lets fill it!

Entry Procedures:

Go to TICA.ORG and log into your account.  Make sure your cats are listed uner your "My Cats" section.  Go to the (TOES) Show Calendar and enter your cats under our show. Follow the instructions on the (TOES) Show Calendar to get to the club summary sheet.  You will need to complete a summary sheet for food and other add ons.  Please send payment within 24 hours.   Completion of a TOES entry and/or a Summary sheet is an entry and you are obligated to send in the payment.

Show Hall:

The show hall is the Community Events Building at the SW Washington Fair, 2555 North National Avenue. Chehalis, Washington.  The fair has a map of the grounds on their website at   It isn’t fancy – but they let us have cat shows there.  Dress in layers – it can sometimes be a bit chilly.  Have warm footwear especially and hand and body warmers for your cats.  We will set up the “We Ain’t Got No Hair” section in the back of the hall for Sphynx and other cats with little or no fur.  There is access to plugs for heating pads in that area.   Extension cords will not be permitted to cross aisles.

Please note:  no alcoholic beverages in the hall at any time.   Also no smoking of marijuana on the fairgrounds or in any building on the fair grounds.  Both are fair policies.   Special (and expensive) permits are required now for parties that involve alcohol.  


FOOD!  We have really good food at our shows and this year will be no different.  Please check the food section and pre-order from the sumary form.  That allows us to make sure everybody gets to have enough.  Outside food is allowed in the show hall.  There may not be anything available other than our food service on the fairgrounds however.

Show Hours:

Friday afternoon/evening:

Check in 3:00 – 3:45 PM   Judging 4:00 PM – 9:00

Pajama Party – wear your favorite PJ’s.  This will be a private party and not open to the public.  Please do remember however that this is a family event and younger people will probably be present.  Do not wear overly suggestive or offensive attire.  If you do - you will be asked to change.  Make this fun for everybody.  Photos with you in your PJ’s and your cat on the Red Carpet will be available.

Please note:  no alcoholic beverages in the hall at any time.   Also no smoking of marijuana on the fairgrounds or in any building on the fair grounds.  Both are fair policies.   Special (and expensive) permits are required now for parties that involve alcohol.  


Check in 7:30 – 8:30 AM  Judging promptly at 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM

TICA Juniors We are having a special TICA Juniors Ring – Safety for the Holidays  Come and watch the youngsters and see what they and their instructor come up with.  Junior Ring will be held on Saturday – Time Permitting.

Ugly Sweater Parade:  OK we have been asked to do this several times.  Here is your chance!  Dig out those ugly holiday season sweaters and show them off.  We will have an Ugly Sweater Parade at the end of judging on Saturday and again a chance for candid photos on the red carpet.

Saturday Afternoon – Educational Seminars

We are very pleased to offer 6 hours of educational seminars on Saturday afternoon for you to learn more about out beloved cats.   These have been approved for judges CEU credits. They will be in 2 hour segments and you can attend all three, two, just one or none at all.   The seminars will start as soon as we can right after judging is done – after 1 PM – but no later than 2.  We are required by the TICA Judging Program to have them be 6 complete hours.   A light dinner will also be available during the seminars.  Please order in advance so that we know how many to prepare for.

Fees:  $10 per person per seminar or $25 per person for all three

Dinner:  $9.00 including beverage

Seminar 1:  Legal Aspects of Running a Cattery and Cat Club   Elizabeth Thompson,  Attorney at Law

Seminar 2:  Bengals in Charcoal and other developments, A breeder round table,  Canie Brooks moderator

Seminar 3:   Feline Genetics – the basics and the latest in Genetics and Health implications  Lorraine Sheldon


Check in 8:00 – 8:45  Judging to start at 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM

We anticipate the regular rings will be completed before 3:00 PM on Sunday – but will be followed by the two Congresses.

Please plan to remain in the show hall until judging is completed each session.  If you need to leave earlier – get written permission from show management to retain your wins.

Visitor hours will be the same as show hours for Saturday and Sunday.

Cat Litter:

Cat litter will be provided.  Please bring your own cat food and food, water and litter containers.  Plastic bags will be provided for litter disposal.  Please use them and keep you litter pans clean so we can keep the odor in the hall down. Cat litter is for use at the show.  Please bring your own litter for use at the hotel.  Litter for fly-in exhibitors will be available.

Airports, Hotels and Motels:

We do not have an official show hotel or motel.  The closest airports are SeaTac (SEA) Seattle- Tacoma International and Portland International (PDX)   Both are about 2 hours driving distance.

Junior Exhibitors:   

Any questions about the Junior Exhibitor program should be directed to Sauncha Romey at 

Juniors who are currently in TICA’s JE program are eligible to receive the special JE entry rate.  Each JE entry includes a regular show entry and a double cage.  For more information go to the club’s website.

Show Photographer: 

We will not have a regular show photographer for taking professional photos of your cats.  We hope to have a hobby photographer to get some great candid shots of your PJ’s and your Ugly sweaters


Benching Requests: 

This is a small hall and we will do what we can.  Let us know if you need wide access for carts.  We will try to honor your benching requests – please only specify one person.

Cage size: 

21” x 21” single, 21” x 45” double that can be divided. Maximum depth for personal cages is 24 inches.  Other dimensions the same as the club cages.  Wire cages must be covered on the top, floor, sides and back.  One cat or two kittens per half of a double cage or two cats or 4 kittens per a double cage.   Exhibition only/for sales cages are limited.  You must have a cat entered in the show to reserve a for sale or exhibition only cage space.   You must complete an entry form for each cat or kitten in the show.  No cats or kittens will be allowed in the show hall that are not listed in the catalog.  No sales from carriers allowed.  Maximum number of cats per double cage 2, maximum number of kittens 4.


Ring Clerks:  

We need 4 Clerks.  Clerks will be paid $35.00 per day plus lunch or dinner.  Please do not deduct clerking fees from your entries.  You will be paid at the end of your session.  Preference will be given to licensed TICA Clerks.



We need 4 stewards.  Stewards will be paid $20 per day plus lunch or dinner. Again, please do not deduct fees from your entries.  You will be paid at the end of the session.

Show Catalogs: 

One catalog will be provided with your first entry.  Very few additional catalogs will be available.  If they are available – an extra catalog will be $10.00.  Check your catalog for accuracy.  The show committee accepts no responsibility for errors due to illegibility or mistakes on entry forms.


Kitten and Cat Age Requirements: 

In order to compete in the show, kittens (including household pet kittens) must be at least 4 months but not greater than 7 months old.  Kittens must have been born on or before August 13, 14,or 15, 2019 but no earlier than April 13, 14, or 15 (respective of the three dates of the show) Cats born earlier than 13,14, or 15 April – will compete as Adult Cats, Alters or Household Pets.  Kittens 3 months or older (born September 13,14, or 15, 2019 may be allowed in the show hall for exhibit or for sale.  It is not recommended.  Documentation of proof of age can be requested.

Household Pets and Household Pet Kittens:

See above age limitations.  Household Pets kittens are not required to be altered (neutered or spayed).  Adult Household Pets must be neutered or spayed.  Please phone or email the entry clerk or show manager if you need help in filling out the entry form and describing the color and pattern of your cat.

Preliminary New Breeds (PNB) and Advanced New Breeds (ANB):  

PNB and ANB must have a TICA Registration number prior to being shown in any TICA show.  PNB and ANB entries cannot be shown “registration pending”.

TICA Cat Registration:  

A registration number is not required to enter and be shown at a cat or kitten’s first show in TICA – HOWEVER – there has a been a change in this rule and in order to be shown without a number you must provide proof that the cat or kitten can be registered in TICA in order to be shown.  There are several things that can be used to verify that a cat can be registered.  Please contact the entry clerk for further information. A second and subsequent shows will not be scored for TICA Regional and International Awards.


And A Mouse Cat Club, its members, TICA, SW Washington Fair, Lewis County and its employees will not be held liable for injury, loss, illness or damage of cats, exhibitors, property of exhibitors, vendors or other such people in attendance.  The club is not liable for any action(s) of any exhibitor or spectator/visitor at a sponsored show.


This is a non-vetted show.  Every cat that enters the show must conform to the normal health requirements and be up to date on vaccinations or titers.  Front and back claws must be clipped.  Cats from households with contagious or infectious illnesses within the last 21 days are ineligible for entry.  Cats with suspected contagious or infectious illness or with parasites will be removed from the show hall according to the TICA rules.

Show Rules and Registration Information: 

All exhibitors agree to abide by and uphold the TICA show rules.  Show rules and registration information are available from TICA, P.O. Box 2684, Harlingen, Texas 78551  (956) 428-8046 and are also on the TICA website:

Printed Handout Materials: 

Any printed materials to be handed out in the show hall must be approved by show management prior to distribution.  We strongly support other TICA clubs and shows.

Closing Date and Payments: 

Early bird closing date November 6. Regular closing date DECEMBER 1.   Please pay attention to this date.  Our entry clerk is out of the area and we will need the time to do the judges books and catalogs.  The closing date may be extended but please do not plan on that happening.  Submitting an entry on-line, by fax, mail, or snail mail consists of entering the show.  Completing a summary sheet and/or entering a placeholder are also considered as entering the show.  This constitutes an agreement to pay for all services ordered even if you withdraw from the show, fail to attend the show or do not complete the entry process.  All payments must be in U.S. funds.  Make money orders and checks from U.S. Banks to “And A Mouse Cat Club”.  Any checks from Canadian banks (if you have no other option) make payable to Kay Hanvey (And A Mouse Cat Club).    There will be no  refunds.   Any excess amounts will be considered a donation to the show.  Substitutions of entries can only be made until the closing date.   To be eligible for multiple cat discounts IF the cats are from more than one household – a copy of the registration showing the co-ownership must be provided.  Payment at the door must be pre-approved and be cash.   

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